Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your fees?
    • The usual method of charging fees is based on a block fee system. This means that you will pay a set amount for the work that I provide and this is determined at the outset of my retainer. 
    • This can be tailored to suit your specific needs.
    • If you request work to be completed on an hourly basis, I charge $200.00 per hour plus taxes and disbursements.
    • Payment plans are available. If you are under financial stress but you require my services, please contact me and we can discuss your unique situation.
2. Do you have free consultations?
    •  I do not charge for an initial consultation.
3. Do you accept Legal Aid?
    • Yes. I am approved by Legal Aid Ontario to provide Criminal Defence Services. 
4. Do you have weekend appointments?
    • Yes. I will make weekend and evening appointments to suit your schedule.  
5. Where can I meet you?
    • I spend most of my time either in court or at my office. I prefer to initially meet potential clients at either of these locations. I am very mobile and I can meet you wherever you would like: the courthouse, a library, your home, my office, or any other suitable location. Meetings are by appointment only.
6. When is the best time to meet with you?
    • I prefer to meet clients before their first court date. If this is not possible, i will meet you outside the scheduled courtroom 30 minutes before court is scheduled to begin.
7. What services do you provide?
    • I currently provide Criminal and Civil Litigation services as well as Wills & Estate work. I  defend most Criminal Code and Provincial charges. I also defend Highway Traffic Act offences. To see if I can represent you, contact me at your convenience.  
    • I am also a Notary Public and a Commissioner for Taking Oaths. I charge $20.00 per signature for notarized documents.
Phone: (416) 465 – 2529    Cell: (416) 728 – 6172    Fax: (647) 436 – 7429  
810 Queen Street East Toronto, Ontario M4M 1H7